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Rorie is a Chicagoland native, spending half her time growing up in a dance studio and the other half in a photography studio. She discovered her love for photography through her dance education, intrigued by the shapes and lines the human body can create. Many of her fine art photography focuses on these elements.

Rorie is the Director of Marketing for the KlopasStratton Team, a top producing team of brokers at Berkshire Hathaway. She manages all digital and print marketing, graphic and web design, social media management, community engagement, and all creative endeavors.

In her spare time, Rorie enjoys exploring Chicago neighborhoods, traveling coast to coast, and fervently attempting to pet every animal she encounters. She is always letting the cityscape and its inhabitants inspire her work.




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Quaint cafe offering organic French-American fare & house-baked breads with coffee & juice drinks.


Rorie contributes to Everything Erica a Chicago food blog and resource.