3 Products to Use When You Don't Want to Shower

3 Products to Use When You Don't Want to Shower

Let's not pretend we don't all reach Sunday night and go into panic mode that a new week is about to begin. You run around making a lunch or planning an outfit, and then it's 10:30 and see your greasy, piece-y hair in the bathroom mirror and there's no motivation left to shower. Wonderful. 

Thankfully, the best part about 2017 is beauty and cosmetic companies are making it easier and easier to continue not showering. Wonderful. Gross as it may seem, sometimes there simply is no time to shower and you need a quick fix. 

I have three products you should use when this is what your Sunday night looks like to either use that evening or Monday morning when it's 7:30 am, the alarm goes off, and you're definitely running late. These three products will make you look more awake, presentable (for someone who didn't shower), and feel cleaner. 

1. Ouai Dy Shampoo Foam - $28

Pronounced "way", this dry shampoo is like nothing I've ever used. It seems a little odd that a dry shampoo would come in a foam formula, but this surprisingly is much better for appearances than a spray because it doesn't leave any color if you have dark hair, like myself. The foam is also more moisturizing than a spray, which is an issue I personally face with dry shampoos. I've also noticed this product adds slight volume which is a great advantage since most dirty hair becomes extremely flat and dull over time. Another plus, is this one has a refreshing floral scent rather than the typical dry shampoo scent that has become relatively recognizable over the years. I will say, though, if you choose to use this product, build it up and don't wear a perfume because the scent is very strong. Any time you flip your hair, everyone will be able to smell you. In a good way, of course.

2. Sephora Eye Mask - Pomegranate Anti-fatigue & energizing - $5 

If I had the money to use an eye mask every day I would. I'd buy you all one, too. Nothing handles these bags like an eye mask and under eye concealer can't carry the whole load by itself. Eye masks are a great way to look more awake and lighten any darkness you have under your eyes. When you aren't at your best, at least looking awake is a big help. What's nice is you can wear it while you pick out your outfit for 5 -10 minutes, remove them and then massage whatever excess serum into the skin. It's also great to use at night, drinking wine, like a basic bitch. 

I love Sephora's brand, which come in a variety of treatments, from lightening to hydrating to illuminizing. All of them are great for a quick under eye pick me up on a regular basis.

3. Yuni Shower Sheets - $15/12 sheets

If you really don't feel like showering, you always have the option to use Yuni Shower Sheets. They come individually packaged and are the perfect quick fix when you're in a rush. I like using them at work if I've overheated and deodorant just isn't doing the trick. They're also going to be extremely useful during these unpredictable Chicago summers.





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