Pi Day: Peanut Butter Cup Pie

Pi Day: Peanut Butter Cup Pie


March is the best month of the year for many reasons. Spring is around the corner and it's full of holidays. It's Women's History Month, St. Patrick's Day, my birthday month, and most importantly Pi Day!

I love pie. It's my absolute favorite dessert. I don't know what Google is talking about, but March 14 will always be Pi(e) Day, not January 23 - the date is 3.14! Get it together Google.

Since (attempting) to go vegan though, I'm realizing a lot of the food I want to eat will need to be made at home. By myself. The upside is I love cooking and baking! I found a delicious recipe for a Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Pie herefrom The Minimalist Baker

Note, I am not claiming ownership of this recipe, this is instead a review of a delicious and very easy to construct pie, along with a few tips to make your baking experience smoother when you are rather inexperienced - it can be tricky sometimes!

A lot of the items I needed to make this pie I already had, such as dairy-free milk, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and natural sweetener. Other ingredients needed were not hard to find:

  • silken tofu

  • graham crackers

  • vegan butter or coconut oil

  • coconut cream

In Minimalist Baker's recipe, she provides instructions for making for own graham cracker crust, but I am lazy so I bought a pre-made crust, it works just as fine, andsaves you time, too. 

The majority of this recipe requires blending your ingredients together and even better, I only had to clean my blender and one bowl at the end of it! You blend peanut butter, agave, and silken tofu to create your smooth and creamy filling. Silken tofu is a vital ingredient in this recipe because it's what gives the filling that smooth texture. Silken tofu is extremely soft and can turn any mixture into the consistency of cream cheese on a freshly toasted bagel.

After blending the first few ingredients, you need to whip your cream. If you don't have a hand mixer like myself, adding your chilled coconut cream in with your blended peanut butter filling works just fine. Minimalist Baker suggests chilling your canned coconut cream over night, but for the under prepared bakers, 3-4 hours will do the trick. 

Another issue I faced was freezer space. I have four roommates all sharing one fridge and freezer. Luckily, it was cold enough out so I covered my pie in saran wrap and placed it on our back porch to solidify for an hour. 

Minimalist Baker states this recipe only takes 40 minutes to make. I'm assuming this excludes the time it takes to let your pie chill, because overall it took me close to two hours. However, I was able to clean up in the mean time while I waited to devour my creation. 

An entire hour later, my pie was relatively solidified and I poured my melted chocolate over top as a frosting. I gave it another hour to really firm up before digging in and sharing with my roommates. This pie is incredible. Even my omnivore roommate couldn't believe he was eating something so delicious and it was vegan [gasp!]. 

What pies will you be enjoying this holiday? Whether you're baking them yourself or enjoying a store bought, share with me your favorites! You can never have too much pie.

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