Heathy, Veggie Protein Meal Prep

Heathy, Veggie Protein Meal Prep

I've waited a while to get into tempeh, a fermented soybean cake-like food. I won't lie, when it isn't flavored or fresh out of the package, it isn't the most appetizing looking. However, it's extremely dense in protein, with 20 g per serving, and very easy to customize with flavorings. I buy my tempeh from Trader Joe's (the same as most of my groceries) and it's also a great affordable, animal-free protein option, especially because it's so versatile.

Since it's summer, I don't want to spend hours over a stove prepping meals for the week, but I also don't want to do some boring tossed salad. I need flavor! 

One of my all time favorite products (of course, again, from Trader Joe's) is their Thai Red Curry Sauce. I'm sure most would want to use it during the colder months with it's spicy, warming flavors, but it's still delicious and useful year round.

This meal includes baked red thai curry tempeh, arugula, and brown rice and quinoa for a mixture of:

  • whole grain
  • vegetarian protein
  • filling
  • easy!

Let's get started.

Heathy, Veggie Protein Meal Prep

Prep time: 5 min

Cook time: 15 min

Total time: 20 min



1. This meal is seriously so easy, it'll take you max 20 minutes all together. First is to turn your oven on to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Slice your tempeh, with about 3/4 per serving. Tempeh is extremely filling and satiating - if this sounds like you stick with 3/4 cup per serving, but if not, go for a full cup. The tempeh should be about a thin notebook's width. 

3. Once sliced, toss the tempeh in the thai red curry sauce and set aside to marinate while you prep your containers and rice. I like these glass containers from Pyrex for easy meal prep. Place 1-1.5 cups of arugula in three separate 3-cup containers.

4. Place the sauce covered tempeh on a parchment lined baking sheet evenly spread out. Put in oven to bake for 15 minutes. 

5. Once there's 5 minutes left on the tempeh timer, tear a a slit in the top of your Seeds of Change rice bag, and cook according to instructions. I'm not completely about microwaving your food, but I'm also lazy and rice takes ten years to cook in my opinion.

5. Once the rice is done and the tempeh cooked, add a helping of rice on top of the arugula in each container. Then add a serving of tempeh and drizzle extra thai red curry sauce on top to add extra moisture and flavor to the meal.

6. This should yield three meals, and I highly recommend adding avocado when you go to eat it. For reheating: give the dish, covered with a paper towel, about 45 seconds to a minute. Add the avocado after the dish has been reheated.

What other veggie protein meals could I make for you guys? What's your favorite animal-free protein?

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