Fajita Style Jackfruit Tacos

Fajita Style Jackfruit Tacos

Sunday I showed you how to make the quickest pico de gallo ever with only seven ingredients that you can grow in your own garden. It's easy, simple, and refreshing. At the end of last week I shared a garlic lime tahini dressing that would go perfectly on pretty much any tacos because of its Latin-American inspired ingredients. Both the pico and the dressing would also be perfect for nachos, but I'll save that for a different recipe. 

Now it's Taco Tuesday and I'm going to combine those last two recipes with today's for the ultimate weeknight dish. If you already have the pico and dressing made, this is about to be an easy and quick dinner to prepare - probably in less than twenty minutes!

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So, what is jackfruit? Jackfruit is one of those ingredients that has recently become very popular in cooking, particularly for those who don't eat meat. It isn't necessarily new to the cooking world but more frequently used. Jackfruit comes from South India and resembles the texture and occasionally the appearance of meat. Many vegan or vegetarian chefs use jackfruit to in place of steak or pulled pork using the same seasonings for a meat-free replication of a usually meat filled recipe. If seasoned properly, you probably won't notice much of a difference. 

This recipe is:

  • One pan
  • Filling
  • Zesty
  • Easy


This recipe makes three packed tacos or four normal sized tacos and could serve two people. Or eat them all to yourself, I won't judge (because I did that, too...)

  • 1 cup jackfruit
  • 2 1/2 tsp fajita seasoning - Trader Joe's sells their own for only 79 cents!
  • pico de gallo
  • Garlic lime tahini dressing
  • 1 small-medium avocado
  • 1 tbsp neutral oil - avocado or olive will do
  • 3 small corn or flour tortillas
  • Optional: vegan cheese shreds, I used Daiya mozzarella 
  1. Open your can of jackfruit and drain the brine. I recommend chopping the jackfruit into smaller pieces for easier cooking and portioning. Add a the oil to a medium sized saucepan over medium-high heat. Once warm, add jackfruit to pan to begin heating up.
  2. Sprinkle the 2 teaspoons of fajita seasoning over the saucepan and stir immediately to coat the jackfruit. You don't want the jackfruit to burn, but you want the flavor from the fajita seasoning to really permeate into the fruit. Turn down the heat to medium-low and let it cook for another three minutes, adding a tablespoon of water if the jackfruit appears to be burning. After three minutes, put the jackfruit aside.
  3. Using a pair of tongs, take your tortillas and carefully lay them over the burner grate to heat up. You don't want them to burn, so you need to be flipping the tortilla every few seconds until warmed to desired temperature. Repeat this for all tortillas.
  4. Now it's time to plate! If using cheese, sprinkle on the tortillas. Then add a helping of fajita seasoned jackfruit, pico de gallo, cubed or sliced avocado, and drizzle of garlic lime tahini dressing. Enjoy!
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